Anyone who has worked in IT or an agile team knows that sprints are a major part of the framework. Sprints are the heart of agile and understanding it will help you in adapting agile easily. This article will describe sprint in very basic terms to get you started.

What is Sprint?


Scrum is a framework that describe roles, tools and set of meetings that work together to built team structure. Scrum allows teams to work in a self-organized environment, where they can analyze their loses and wins to move towards continuous improvement.

Roles In a Scrum

There are three roles in a sprint. These roles…

We all love an idol scenario where sprints backlogs are groomed, sprints are planned, estimated and delivered on time. But sometimes it happens that an item is left incomplete at the end of sprint.

Sprint delivery depends on stakeholders ,product owners and development teams. Many factors can cause an incomplete…


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